Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run?

The static

Sleep through the static,
For it has nothing to say to you.
And should that be your defense,
So shall it be its.
For in this confused jumble
Of thoughts that scratch and sigh,
Who’s to know where desire ends and sleep begins.

And so it goes,
Drawing patterns and meaning amidst the murmurs,
As the stoners and ancients did with the stars in the sky.
And fittingly so, that the stars and their shapes would control our lives,
For who’s to know where sense ends and the static truly begins.

But today that’s neither here nor there.
For the static will still be here,
Smothering thought and action with doubt and fear and recrimination.
And its all you can do,
To sleep through the static.

You,  the static.


And a song from an identically titled album – “Go on,” by Jack Johnson from the album “Sleep through the static” :


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