Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run?

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That’s how I roll

What are swinging doors for, anyway?


Keep it simple/ An appeal

This day, last year, I wrote the following words :

Everyone’s looking for someone.

Some of us are looking for someone to go out and get drunk with; good food, good music, noise, laughter, the works.

Some of us are looking for someone to stay in with; reruns of Seinfeld, 30-minutes-nahi-toh-free pizza, grubby old college sweatshirt, the works.

The question is, can you ever know for sure which side you are on?

Cart before the horse, as far as I’m considered.

This time I’m keeping it simple. So here’s the deal : A friend tells me that if you can play the harmonica, a girl’s going to be bowled over in a week.

Well, here’s the deal – I do. Well alright, not very well but well enough. Sorry, now I’m selling myself short again, as I am wont to do. I can play the harmonica. I can play `the sound of music’ and `what a wonderful world’ and a couple more songs. And recognizably so.

The appropriate sign-off to such a declaration, I’m given to believe, is,

“Who’s yo’ daddy now?”


Disclaimer : Said friend doesn’t play the harmonica and is a complete strike-out with the women, possibly worse than me. But, by putting the two facts in the same sentence I’m not implying any causality to justify this post or bolster the opinions expressed therein.