Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run?

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Say no to drugs

Perspective – use it or lose it.   – Richard Bach


Items to tick off my list

Random thoughts rattling around in my head for the last couple of days :


I gather `item’ is now a reasonably normal way to refer to a PYT, especially in the vernacular. No idea why but there’s something weird about the term. Borderline creepy possibly, but undoubtedly weird. I mean, the feminists are crying themselves hoarse over the term `chick’ being derogatory, but somehow `item’ sounds inanimate, like a blow-up doll. The term `chick’ I would still grant; there is some evolutionary isomorphism that maps human to bird after all.

Somehow `item’ reminds me of men in suits and bluetooth earpieces at an airport, dragging their bags-on-wheels behind them. “Hi, this be me and this be my item.” “Please place all electronic items in the tray and pass through the security check.” “Please stow all carry-on items in the overhead luggage bins or at your feet.” “Please collect all check-in items at the baggage carousel.”



Someone’s running a poll on FB.

Two people in a sinking boat – one you love and another who loves you; which one do you save first? `The one who loves you’ was leading 6:1, last I checked.

Maybe we all know what doesn’t rock our boats in the long run, pun-not-intended-but-retained-anyway-in-post-priori-analysis.


Many moons ago, I sang in the school choir. Our music teacher, trained in the Carnatic classical style taught us stuff born of the same school of thought. Many moons later, which essentially brings us back to a time in the present, or sometime during the last week to be relatively accurate, I happened to hear a primary school choir murder one of the songs we sang in those days. Nityotsava, it was called, Tayi nityotsava. 

Humming the tune, unable to remember the second line and unable to get it out of my head, I came back to the lab, jumped onto youtube, and promptly hunted down the song. Which brings me to the second thought. I had to run through about three versions till I found a reasonable rendition. And that all the covers were by Kannada-association choirs in the US, or by the kids of the members of Kannada-associations in the US. FTW?

Actually, I’m not sure if that’s worth a FTW. More like, “Hmmmm…”