Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run?

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One more cup of coffee for the road…

He’s never done this before but he speaks on, lashing together skeins of cloud and down, stringing rope-bridges below his feet, one foot for every step he takes. He’s never done this earlier but he tells her stories he hasn’t told anyone before this. He prattles on, champagne bubbles of friendship and desire rising and exploding past his face – awakening, intoxicating. She laughs some. He tells her more tales, ever more mundane, as he feels the air coming together and holding fast under his weight. He’s shadow-boxed all his life; now he’s learning to love another shadow, another voice. He doesn’t know it yet, but in an hour from now he isn’t going to remember a word of what she just said. He laughs. There’s coffee now and now there isn’t any. And now there’s more and now it’s gone again.

“We should do this again sometime”, she says.

He’s still waiting.


Again, the title isn’t mine – another little-known Dylan song (with uncredited vocals by Emmylou Harris).

Oh, and if you’re confused,  hereby hangs this tale!