Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run?

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My yellow Sunfeast 10K tee…

In defense of my astonishingly yellow Sunfeast World 10K Finisher tee and in response to everyone of you sorry shocked indivduals,

My yellow Sunfeast tee is the Tyler Durden to all your snivelling Cornelius-stripes-and-checks. I’m all the colours you’ve always wanted to wear but don’t dare to for fear of your paunches showing or girlfriends yelling or shoes clashing. I’m the disdain for public approbation that you’ve always wanted to feel. I’m that blaze of colour in the crowd that you will never mistake, sticking out like a square yellow peg in a drab round grey-brown hole.

Let it all hang out, I say. This is all the colour in your life and this is the saturation dial being cranked down, one hue at a time.


Oceans on fire

I’d write poetry,
if I could…